“I seek to hijack and subvert the communication methods that breed fear and division, frequently appropriating propaganda speech and poster phrases and creating photography of viewed film propaganda as my source material.” Kristin Bauer

My friend John Reyes, an international art consultant, curator and gallerist held a gallery reception featuring some of Kristin’s work. I loved its contemporary edge, simple yet complex lines and vibrant combinations of color. Her pieces are visual statement makers. Despite their bold presence, they extend a gentle invitation to delve more deeply into the soul of the canvas.

As a former marketing/advertising industry executive, her use of corporate signage and other branding attraction points catches my eye. She intentionally uses plexiglass and other transparent materials. Her claim that these tools bring her content in a familiar realm at an object level are correct. She accomplishes her goal of positioning her abstract work within the field of what she coins “Manufactured Consent.” That range covers the world of marketing and advertising. She is clever, ingenious and targeted in her strategic plan and tactical precision.

Learn more about her philosophical approach to creating her art and more images of her talent.

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