As the season transitions to colder temperatures and stems retract into the soil, our thirst for vibrant arrangements of luscious flowers seems to intensify. Our affinity for year-round blooms is represented in the latest designs featured in both the interior and fashion industries.

A bold, big floral bouquet creates its own vocabulary of style, vibrant color and shapes. The most interesting seem to meander without formal structure or symmetry. These same floral arrangement patterns transfer to the latest floral wallpaper motifs. As a beauty bonus, this blog coordinates wallpaper with fall fashion.Plus you will learn how to decorate your space with a feature floral wall.

Monochromatic Wallpaper Bouquets

A monochromatic color pattern features one dominant color and can include derivatives and close complements to that color. Most floral wallpaper motifs include one bold flower or repetitious prints, literal and abstract, of a small bouquet. Roses and poppies are common preferences on a white background. Monochromatic themes allow you to easily repeat the patterns in upholstery on a chair, pillows or drapes.




Pastel Wallpaper Bouquets

Another option to incorporate a bold pattern is to soften the palette. In these examples, one type of flower is repeated in a large scale image and the others are a series of smaller flowers presented in fresh, contemporary watercolors. The end result is both striking and easy on the eyes. If you incorporate pastel floral wallpaper, you can extract the most prominent color for foundational pieces such as sofas, loveseats, chaises or rugs to create some balance.




Assorted Jewel-Tone Wallpaper Bouquets

Vibrant colors are the cold season’s antidote for sunny, happy days. These jewel-toned floral bouquets designs will make your walls sing with bold strokes of color in an array of exotic flowers. The following wallpaper images dance with unstructured bouquets filled with pink, fuschia, azure, orange and red with luscious lime and avocado colored leaves. These types of statement prints pair well with solid colored furniture with smooth lines upholstered in velvet, suede, cotton and other tightly woven textiles.

floral walls Dolce & Gabbana dress





Dark Color Wallpaper Bouquets

In tandem with the black wall trend, black serves as the canvas for contemporary arrangement selections of tulips, roses, poppies and more along with designs reminiscent Renaissance era floral paintings. Black with pinks and reds seem to be the most prevalent motifs. The contrasts will make metallic accessories in lighting, accessories and furniture hardware really pop. You can also just repeat black in your furniture and leave the patterns to the walls and rugs.


img_3539 img_3644


The rules for living a distinctive modern life continue to adapt to people’s desire to customize every inch of their spaces.

Remember, if you can’t match your drapes, you can now match your wallpaper.

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