YCD designs custom table settings and tablescapes for intimate parties and large events.

Tabletop Tuesday features an inspirational place setting with hues of green, brass accents, handmade Mexican pottery and a brass elephant from Indian.

This setting mixes a range of materials from linen, cotton, straw, clay, brass, glass and porcelain. A current trend in dining establishment, outside of Asian food, is a personal pot of tea. Of course, you can enjoy a fresh pot of tea with a savory glass of wine.

Let’s talk about the elephant on the plate. Elephants are symbols of wisdom, power and strength. An elephant’s strength is accompanied by its deep compassion.

Are we compassionate of others seeking a better life? Those who may be experiencing food scarcity? Perhaps if we sit around a table breaking bread, we can learn more about others and ways to develop more compassion while sharing beauty and abundance.

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