Tabletop Tuesday goes ’80’s wild in the Memphis design collective. This colorful, bold abstract patterned plate rests on top of an oversized, square black plate. The sheen of these plates correlates to the popular lacquer of the period. There are several lovely colors to work with so my approach was to extract a few and repeat them.

First off, this striking color bonanza looks great on this slightly textured white tablecloth. A green, straw placemat is the next level up. A patterned violet and white linen rests between the plates.

The violet is repeated in the glassware. The green checkered pattern is repeated but in black on the tipped over tea cup. The black and white marble swirl candle holder relates to the plate pattern swirls and overall abstract ’80’s vibe. I selected a green candle to play with the green on the top of the plate. The serving cup with the elongated orange oval was too fun to leave out.

As always, I can bring my original tabletop art to your space. Click Contact above.

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