Sponsors are the foundation of events. They contribute to the framework, atmosphere, promotion and collaboration of memorable events.

Event sponsorships come with an agreement that outline the responsibilities of the sponsoring company and the producer. In this role, sometimes sponsors take a lax approach about ensuring that their role in an event is preorganized. Critical elements of consideration include collateral, staff resources, transfer of documentation/instructions and any displays. In working with hundreds of sponsors over a few decades, the ones that prepare in advance, read documents, hold pre-event team meetings and follow event instructions are the ones that consistently receive the most substantial returns.

After an experience where sponsors didn’t read or retain critical logistical information, stole vendor property and behaved in a manner that violated professional standards and producer permit requirements, it occurred to me that this issue might be more pervasive than any public discussion reveals.

Therefore, I compiled a checklist of behaviors that respected, professional sponsors adhere to:

  • Create an event filing system to stay organized and accountable for key information received.
  • Read agreements and follow directions.
  • Adhere to the producer’s deadlines and logistical arrangements.
  • Review items in advance and request clarification prior to deadlines.
  • Be flexible for any internal or unforeseen external forces.
  • Inform all staff, especially those representing the company, of all event details to ensure that they are set-up to maximize the opportunity.
  • Do not override a producer’s instructions with their staff for any reason

Every event’s success is contingent upon all participants contributing and executing their portion of the process and experience. These attributes contribute to your company appearing on the top of invitation lists as preferred partner and referral recipient. Sponsors who behave professionally and adhere to producer’s guidelines are a vital part of what makes an event positive and successful for everyone.


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