By now you’ve heard of the color of the year. Pantone, the global color authority, selects and publishes a report accompanying each year’s color. Additionally, paint brands also announce a color of the year.

The psychology behind color selections enshrines a culture’s vibe, mood and impending mental direction. It reflects on cultural influences and trends to provide a reflection or a stabilizing energy to whatever is happening. You, like most people, have a favorite color or two and may not know exactly why you are attracted to certain hues. Our attraction to color subconsciously and consciously corresponds to its physiological impact on us through our environment. Color date stamps culture and also serves as a reflection for a real and/or desired environment. With a year ending and a new decade approaching, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to evaluate the colors experts have selected for 2020.


In 1999, Pantone launched the inaugural Color of the Year announcement with a shade of blue called cerulean. It is poignantly described with steel tact in this “The Devil Wears Prada” clip.

The color authority has chosen to end the decade with Classic Blue to mirror humanity’s escalating craving for calm, confidence and connection. They further comment on our current, societal state of affairs by stating that the blue hue “highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

You’ve probably already noticed an uptick in blue across all design categories including electronics, luggage, home décor and cars. Watch their color video here.

Image courtesy of Pantone








Image courtesy of Dezeen


Dunn Edwards Paints

The painting giant has taken the “so fresh and so clean” approach with the announcement of Minty Fresh for their 2020 color of the year. This color is fun, crisp and energizing. It is the visual counterpart to inserting a stick of fresh minty gum in your mouth with the flavor exploding on your tongue.

According to the company, Minty Free exudes a calm, clean and crisp high point to the color palette, which is similar to Pantone’s reasoning for selecting its Classic Blue hue. Plus, Dunn Edwards proclaims that Minty Fresh is a bridge between technology and nature. It is a hue that connotes new beginnings with a grounding tranquility that is the essence of nature.

Perhaps this design methodology resonates with you; humans are advancing technology at an unprecedented pace while simultaneously desiring a return to spirituality that includes inner reflection and an altruistic interest in our environment. Essentially, the movement to desire the best of both worlds is the pulse of our contemporary society across multiple demographics.

Try minty green as a primary color for your space or a vibrant accent to recharge your energetic frequency. Check out their video introduction here.

Image courtesy of Dunn Edwards Paints | Kitchen image courtesy of Dyke and Dean LTD.

Sherwin Williams

Well, what do ya’ know? It appears that Sherwin Williams is feeling the same vibe as Pantone with their announcement of Naval blue as their 2020 hue pick. This color is an answer to soothe people’s increasing tension by providing an environment that facilitates restfulness and tranquility.  Naval speaks to peoples’ desire to achieve and maintain physical, emotional and mental wellness and to alleviate the intense levels and psychological weight of stress.

And check this out, Sherwin Williams suggests the use of this color with Art Deco design influences, which ties into my October 30, 2019 written prediction that Art Deco style will be a huge design trend in 2020.  See more about the color here.

Images courtesy of Sherwin Williams

Behr Paints

Behr Paints Back to Nature color of the year beckons people to return to nature. To feel and interact with the earth to ground themselves. They echo the theme of tranquility and calmness as essential components of living a full and well life moving into this next decade. Erika Woelfel, Behr’s VP of Color and Creative Services said at an event announcing the color. “It also has been shown to improve creativity, boost memory, improve your problem-solving skills.” See their video vision here.

Images courtesy of Behr Paints.

Are you ready to eliminate the chaos and stress of life and step into a new decade with a renewed dedication to your wellness, peace and connection to your higher self? If so, then one of these hues is here to aid you in your endeavors. Use the power of color to soothe your soul and add style to your space.

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