Modern Monday recognizes the renewed interest in blue and white Chinese pottery and porcelain. You’ve probably seen these decadent designs clustered in groups in design magazines from Veranda to Architectural Digest.

Blue and white porcelain and pottery are timeless décor selections for traditional to modern design styles. Since the Tang Dynasty in China (618-907), these objects feature design motifs of animals, flowers, landscapes, people, mythical creatures, writing and symbols. Although Chinese ceramics have been around since the founding of their civilization, the important distinction with the Tang Dynasty is the use of cobalt blue. This particular hue was from a scare ore imported from Persia and used in limited quantities and typically reserved for special occasions and diplomatic gifts.

The Tang dynasty was recognized as the golden age of Chinese arts and cultural. It set the stage for more expansive use of cobalt blue, layered colors, more complex motifs and various productions processes.

Design Tip: Cluster pottery in various shapes and sizes to create a decadent display. You can also incorporate these motifs into your space through upholstery and art. The blue and white pottery pairs well with reds and greens.

Photo: Kim Hopkins( designer.)

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