Modern Monday embraces the freedom of summer. The freedom of unrestricted movement. The deep breathes of childhood that power full belly  laughter. The criss cross of patterns,  spirals, shapes and colors spinning into a synchronized expression of unity.

This dining room, specifically the art, ushers in those playful summer memories. The room is anchored by the extremes of the grayscale spectrum anchoring below with white through the chairs and above with the black lights. At the visual midpoint, the honey-colored wood table and matching mid-century modern chair legs is nearly the same color as the paint which makes the colors seem to flat. The painting incorporates pastels and nearly full pigment hues stroked with delicious texture to create a balance of energy through color, space and shapes. Colors, shapes and materials ground you in your space and drives the physiological energy right to the soul root.

Celebrate summer. Celebrate life. Celebrate design. Celebrate the privilege and pleasure of mealtime with loved ones and strangers.

Room by Arent & Pike

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