Modern Monday kicks off the week with some serious zig and zig. Talk about living life in black and white, this room gets it done. Check out the complementary vertical stripes and chevron patterns that cover the walls and floors. The eye-popping impact is offset with the black drapery and pops of reds, yellows, blues and oranges throughout the space.

The room is quite exotic and sophisticated when you outline its parts. The furniture is a blend of contemporary, modern and traditional all in two, solid colors with a few pieces upholstered in exotic prints. The artwork is boldly appointed from paintings to sculptures exemplifying a global viewpoint.

The table accessories span live plants, books, boxes and candles to bring a personal touch to this cozy space.

This room could be very overwhelming for some and yet perfect for others. What makes this room work is the balance between the bold patterns and the placement of solid colors in streamlined furniture.

It’s a new year. Try stepping into a new zone. Either way, be inspired even with just one aspect of this room.

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