We met during life transitions. Vladimir Kagan was officially retired and delving into some collaborative design arrangements in a different industry sector such as the one he had with my boss giorgio. At that time, I was contemplating leaving my cush Fortune 500 life to honor the creative side of my being. This is when our paths converged in High Point, North Carolina from our respective homes in New York and Los Angeles.  At that time, I had no idea how prolific this man’s influence had been in the design world and that his business had hit a bid of a slump which led to his stint in High Point. End Chapter I.

Skip a few years and Chapter II picks up in Southern California. Every February, Palm Springs Modernism Week is full of incredible people and events. It is a week that I look forward to attending to meet new people, hear inspirational stories, swoon over the impeccable designs. This year, it was all about reconnecting with Vladimir Kagan. Elle Decor coordinated an evening of intimate conversation with Mr. Kagan featuring a slideshow presentation accompanied by stories of his career highlights from the past to the present. The evening was capped under the clear starlit, desert skies with food, libations, design enthusiasts and book signings by Mr. Kagan.

During the evening, I thought how amazing life is when it comes full circle. This year, I am still in the early stages of beginning another transition. I have returned to the interior/furniture design industry from my brand/marketing/ad industry days. Mr. Kagan is enjoying the fruitages of his return to his core business.  In his late eighties, he continues to see his brand grow with expanded international popularity and demand for his products. His innovative genius is an influence for the best-of-the-best in design across multiple disciplines.

Sometimes life provides you an opportunity to cross the same person’s path a few times. I’m grateful that Vladimir Kagan has passed my path a few times. This time with an autographed copy of his book (with a hug and kiss to boot) and memories of his delightful charm. What an inspiration for a beautiful life. His visit reminds me to keep designing, keep dreaming and continue to hold gratitude close to your heart. Everything is possible.





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