Tavia Forbes + Monet Masters, the principals of Forbes + Masters, have a dynamic interior design practice that excels in delivering striking, modern spaces that serve up panache and individuality through color, composition and creativity. Their finessed approach to cultivating their commercial and residential client’s desires is apparent in each projects’ aesthetic outcome.

They share childhood backgrounds in ongoing imaginative pursuits with organizing and defining space which was fostered in both homes. As adults, they have merged Forbes’ background in marketing, studio art and event design with Masters’ focus on the science of design along with furniture design and fabrication.

Together they create spaces that have energy and style. Their work reflects a refined, yet funky vibe that makes each project truly special. Their rooms dance and dazzle yet remain grounded with curated furniture, accessories and furnishings. Their forte is boldness and texture. They brazenly push the boundaries of innovation and style while delivering decadence with restraint.

Learn more about this captivating design duo here.

Images ©Forbes+Masters

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