A new year often brings our focus to modify our inner and outer spaces.  We look for insight to clearly light our new path.  We certainly look to light to illuminate our spaces.

Designers make lighting for a variety of tastes from reserved to bold.  I tend to the bold side of life, so this collection of lighting caught my eye. These pieces are from a collection of  gold and brass designs that bring a lot of glam and glitter to your space.  Enjoy this overview of statement lighting styles for transitional, modern and contemporary interiors and tips. First, let’s start with scaling for size.


Determining the size of a lighting fixture is simple. Just add the room dimensions together and represent that answer into inches. For example, if you have a 10′ x 10′ room, then the ideal lighting diameter is 20″.   Next, consider the height of your ceilings along with the functionality of a room.  The idea is to avoid having the chandelier appear to small or hang too low.

When installing sconces, it is important to consider the length and height of the wall and the furniture that the sconces might anchor in order to place these fixtures in a balanced space.


Waterfalls are simultaneously dramatic and graceful. Those characteristics are infused into the chandelier and pendant fabricated with brass and ribbed glass tubes.  The tubes reflect light and add that distinct touch of glamour and glitz with the natural element of grace.

waterfall-chandelier-01 luxxuchandelierroomwaterfall-pendant-01

McQueen Throne

These lighting fixtures are inspired by the deceased British fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s eccentric imagination and majestic style. The hammered brass and gold plated  flowers are kissed with butterscotch-colored Swarovski crystal centers.


Empire State of Mind

The Empire style is a cascading chandelier with descending sizes of gold brass and crystals. The pendant and scone round out this collection. A fun lighting design feature that I’ve employed is to install multiple pendants at different lengths to create volume and visual interest in a room.




This year is deemed to be a year of grand, bold proclamations and achievements. Let this type of energy surround you internally and externally.

The lighting featured here is available to the trade. Please contact me for purchase inquiries.

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