According to national statistics, the housing market continues to trend upward with pre-2007 levels in price, value and demand. However, even in the most robust markets, homes between $350,000 to a few million need a bit more creative marketing to raise awareness and drive interest.

My firm specializes in exceptional experiential events and frequently works with members of the real estate community. In the most recent, custom experience, NexTitle secured my firm to create a five-house home tour that I created into a good ol’ fashioned Block Party.

Each house was given a theme that reflected the home’s best assets. Attendees receive video, email and social media invitations, announcements and updates that showcased the homes, but only disclosed one address. The tour start home was the main point of registration,

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Every experience needs to be branded for the

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Distinctive, experiential events are my firm’s expertise. If you need to drive more traffic to your business, raise your profile and create an opportunity to interact more directly with your target audience, click here to begin the conversation.


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