Art Deco furniture includes a cubist influence of streamlined, linear and sculptural silhouettes to sensuous curved profiles. Big box bases with generously curved, dramatic arms define the look of most club chairs for the time. Sofas and chaise seating were also in vogue. This period of design features expert carpentry artistry in exotic woods like mahogany, rosewood, Zebrawood and ebony. Some prominent designers, such as Eileen Grey, finished her designs in layers of lacquer derived from a Japanese process. The variety of woods are paired with each other plus chrome, brass and gold as metallic accents and/or structural components.

Velvet was the popular upholstery of the time along with linen, silk, mohair and heavyweight cotton. Some of the more elaborate designs were trimmed in thick fringe mimicking the flapper apparel of the day.

Textiles were primarily solid in bold jewel tones which worked well with rooms featuring an assortment of lacquer furniture. However, there was an infusion of geometric, animal and nature-themed designs on room divider screens, area rugs and art.

Art Deco furniture was created with a refined eye and adorned in exotic details. In today’s design, just one piece would add the ideal statement to a space.

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