Art Deco rooms are full of elegance and expertly nuanced design. Here are some examples of contemporary spaces that integrate Art Deco elements:

Living Room: This symmetrical, curated space features ebony and pink chairs paired with white furniture, walls and gold accents. The contemporary sofa features the curves of the period. The lacquered cabinet and crystal and gold chandeliers speak to the beauty of the period.

Media Room: A confluence of line, shape, color and silhouette from the period is most apparent on the TV wall. The pendant chandelier and matching sconces are authentic representations of Art Deco.

Dining Room: The ceiling jewelry is clearly the room’s prominent statement of Art Deco. The light wood chairs with tassels and blue walls are elegant accents to the space.

Bathroom: This room is a master class of Art Deco decadence. The black, white and brass details flow seamlessly from the marble to the lighting pendant, sconces, fixture and flooring details.

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Credit: Trendbook

Credit: Trendbook

Credit: Homemakeover


Credit: Elle Decor

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