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Black. It’s cache spans fashion, cars, music, credit cards and art. Black is technically absent of color, but communicates a full spectrum of feelings from angst to elegance. The color black’s application in traditional to contemporary interiors continues to gain momentum to move beyond its usual parameters of furniture, accessories and structural trims into encompassing entire rooms.

If you desire to stretch the application of black in your space, here are some considerations and inspirational ideas:


Do you want a warm cocoon or cold dungeon? A classy cave or a glamorous and glossy showroom? Your mood choice is determined by the physiological shifts that you would like to experience in your space. A completely black or nearly black room can work in small and large spaces. Give yourself permission to throw out the rules and create a space that you desire.


The primary place for the application of black in a room is on the walls. Another option is to wrap the floors and cloak the ceilings in the exact same color or by varying the hue. Another fun option is to mix textures and patterns throughout the room to give the space lots of visual energy and depth. Glossy paint for foyers, doors, door frames and bathrooms are ideal places for a bold statement. Shelves, steps, mirrors, art, rugs, cabinetry, lighting, furniture and other accessories are also ideal and frequently used areas for the placement of black in a room.


Design becomes individualized and exciting when you mix glossy with matte, textured with smooth and glass with stone. Glossy walls give a room a tuxedo finish by immediately heightening the glamour of a space. It feels like you are walking into a VIP experience. When you combine glossy paint with a matte finish, the balance of color helps to anchor the space and direct the focus to the glossy placement points.

Textured upholstery such as wool, linen, mohair and leather for furniture and accessories keep the room dancing with tactile details that delight the inhabitant. Glass and stone are natural ying-yang combinations, The glass provides the illusion of light and levity against the grounding backdrop of stone which can feel cold and stark.

They are many new ways to add 3D, sculptural elements to your walls including tile and wallpaper options. All of these combinations of surfaces, materials and textures cohesively balanced and strategically placed in a room make an all black room a special place.

Color Combinations

Incorporating black in your room design is quite parallel to how you utilize black in your wardrobe. There are endless ways to accent black. As below, you can select a bright pop of color such as a fuchsia, emerald green or cobalt blue, add some metallic threads or layer various hues of black in paint or architectural elements. A timeless classic is to combine white with black. Try solids, stripes and other geometric details to bring more depth to the space.

The color black is such a strong, dynamic element in design that avails you the freedom to plan an environment that is suited for a formal affair or will vibe with a grunge rock edge. Whatever your choice, be forewarned. If you go black, you might never go back.

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