It’s an ideal remedy for a chilly climate, melancholy mood and romantic rendezvous. A fire serves as a necessary and desirable feature in our lives from the moments on the beach to huddling around a hearth in sub zero temperatures.  Fireplaces as a home feature vary according to regions, environment (wood-burning bans), design styles and property value. Today’s technology and architectural designs allow for options beyond traditional wall, wood-burning units to include electric and ventless options.

A traditional fireplace has a few consistent features such as a hearth and mantle which are continually being redefined through design in modern interiors. You can mount a fireplace to your wall, incorporate glass and other materials around it (depending on construction) and center it in the middle of a room.

If you are considering a home with a fireplace, remodeling your existing one or building a custom space, here are a few globally-inspired design options that can define your space and bring you joyful flames.

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Fireplaces, especially wood-burning units, require ongoing maintenance for functional and safety reasons. It is important to make sure that everything is in working order prior to fireplace season beginning.  This document provides safety tips for your review.

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