Its alluring and mesmerizing artistic details and designs flow like the rhythm of well-penned prose. Tile adorns ancient and contemporary residential and commercial architecture, both on the exterior and interior, around the globe. Tile design details aesthetically translate cultural nuances and uniqueness. Tile dazzles doorways and punctuates walls like symmetrical sculptures or abstract paintings.

Ancient artists formed tile out of clay and created decorative impressions prior to drying. Hand-painted details and glazes, if optioned, were applied afterwards, much like today. It is said that tile design achieved perfection and prominence by Persian artisans. Exquisite tile designs from that period and throughout that part is Asia are readily found in the study of decorative arts. The decadent, sacred geometry tile designs found in Islamic art still radiate with people today across all cultures. Tile’s reach extends to gracing Egyptian pyramids and enchanting Mexican home facades.

Its versatility, beauty and durability are the essence of its enduring appeal. These attributes open the spectrum for abundant options in design, color, pattern, shape, size, texture and materials;  each element informing the other.


If you can dream it, it can be done. What is currently trending are tiles in vibrant colors, retro hues, metallics and neutral colors made from some of the innovative materials like stainless steel an leather. When choosing your tile colors, consider the flow of those colors with the surrounding paint and/or wallpaper, the flooring,  plus the flow of colors from that room to surrounding rooms.


Innovative technology allows for a wide range of materials such as wood, acrylic, river-rock, porcelain, aluminum, cork, cement, glass and leather. Just like wallpaper, the rules of the application and removal of tile are far less restrictive. Look for more materials and the advent of  wood and leather to tile a space.


There are so many fresh shapes that offer symphonic compositions. You will continue to see the more advanced geometrical shapes like hexagons and polygons that allow for interlocking pieces that offer structured and free-flowing stories. Consider the repetition of shapes in other room decor including furniture, textile patterns, flooring, etc.


The tactile charm of traditional clay or ceramics is available in different forms like leather, cork, river rock and other materials. The 3D revolution also provides a foray into a playground of new textures that accommodate new colors, shapes and patterns.


Traditional florals, lines, circles, fruit, icons and landscapes are just some of the patterns that are being redefined for modern times. It is customary to see tiles in from previous centuries that tell stories about indigenous environments, cultural celebrations or daily life. The same holds true today including more story lines with clever presentations in lines, circles and symbols. As with printing on paper or other substrates, some patterns are embossed or debossed to create a different dimension. Today’s patterns include playful prints from fun color-blocked options to intricately stunning arrangements that look like murals or wallpaper. You will continue to see people select bold patterns that are distinct representations of their style.


Most often trims, borders and liners, moldings and cornices accent tiles like matting and a frame complements a painting. Finishes are also a part of the visual dialogue that can enhance your design desires.

Grout is keeping in step with these advances and is becoming a design detail on its own. You can design with a monochromatic theme by choosing grout that is the same color as the dominant color in your tile (the one consistently close to the edges), choose a contrasting color  grout for visual effect or even add other tile elements like glass to decorate grout lines for maximum glamour.

Tile and wallpaper now share similar traits of offering stunning design details with more flexible application and lifelines. Take advantage of these technological advances to distinguish your space. As with all other choices in your space, check on maintenance options to select the right mix of elements that work for your lifestyle.

Tile lends itself to limitless design stories by combining all of the above elements in various scales, arrangements and places. Enjoy the diversity and splendor, including eco-conscious options, of trend-setting tile options for your décor. Tile gives you a broad creative range, like an art installation, that shares your stories with an infusion of soul and style.









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