It’s an ideal remedy for a chilly climate, melancholy mood and romantic rendezvous. A fire serves as a necessary and desirable feature in our lives from the moments on the beach to huddling around a hearth in sub zero temperatures.  Fireplaces as a home feature vary according to regions, environment (wood-burning bans), design styles and property value. Today’s technology and architectural designs allow for options beyond traditional wall, wood-burning units to include electric and ventless options.

A traditional fireplace has a few consistent features such as a hearth and mantle which are continually being redefined through design in modern interiors. You can mount a fireplace to your wall, incorporate glass and other materials around it (depending on construction) and center it in the middle of a room.

If you are considering a home with a fireplace, remodeling your existing one or building a custom space, here are a few globally-inspired design options that can define your space and bring you joyful flames.

Textured 3D Tiles

Create a statement wall with a repeating 3D tile or geometric layers that pack an exciting optical presentation to serve as a room’s focal point.


Images:  Via internet -unknown (L), VII Homes (R)

Backlit Onyx

Backlit onyx slabs are routinely becoming luxury home staples to add drama to a very modern room. Strongly lit backgrounds are quite popular, however more subtle lighting is optional as well.


 Images:Pepe Calderin Design (L), GRADY-O-GRADY Construction & Development, Inc. (R)

Material Mixes

This fireplace is a great example of a mix of granite and porcelain tiles. Large plank tiles are applicable to fireplaces and floors which is a design story that continues to trend..

Image via freshouz

High Mantle

This clean fireplace design replaces the traditional style and placement of a mantle by using one large granite slab for the hearth and background and creating a mantle shelf half-way up the wall.

Image: Paddleboat Meanderings

Large Planks

Oversized planks for flooring also apply to modern fireplace designs. This style features a mix of sizes of the same type of porcelain plank in subtly different colors with contrasting granite tiles for a hearth area. This style is great for width, horizontal walls.

Image: Boisdobot

Diagonal Placement

This fireplace adds lots of visual interest by diagonally slanting wide porcelain planks to create a vertical pop that could have easily been missed with a traditional tile layout.

Image: Petdog Blogging

Color + Curves

This striking contemporary fireplace features a matte black paint color over wide columns that support a curved mantle. This design plays to the edification of the purest sophisticate.

Image: B.E. Architecture

Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles are still strong style statements from flooring to fireplace walls. A dynamic design repeated on the wall is mesmerizing detail.

Image: Popham Design

Image: Popham Design

Metallic Accents + Features

Simple elements can quickly transform objects and spaces into dazzling designed environments like this modern fireplace. It features one type of granite that is juxtaposed with a metallic and geometric feature. The end result is a fireplace that invited year-long lounging.

Image: Dylan Ferral Design

Tiered Effects

The tiered effect is a sleek method to add dimension to a fireplace. Most designs feature one type of material or color with a smooth finish.


Images: Planetedeco (L), IG (R)

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