Curves lead the eyes on meandering journeys of fluid seduction in the design of cars, clothing, furniture and a variety of other products. They emit a soothing energy which is one reason why they are a coveted design detail.

Curved furniture and accessories add visual interest to a room and will balance any angular, sharp lines in other furniture or architectural details. You can add curved chairs of different silhouettes and scale to add more design depth to a space. If you have a sofa in a neutral color, try a curved chair in a bold color to give the room more color and introduce a new shape.

Here are ten curvy, contemporary chairs that serve as stunning, statement cocoons:

DragnetChairKennethCobonpie LoungePairedeFauteuils KukiZahaHadid inmod FriedEggHansOlsen SouffleKellyWerstler RosaPoltrona RockerRonArad RattanBonacinaVittorio OrchydZamoloCharles



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